Covid Prevention Policy

Safe practices begin with my personal habits, which are to remain in a quarantine status most days. My family/pod only venture out when necessary, and always with masks. Hand washing is a part of our regular routine. 

I do work with jewelry with my bare hands. Products are placed in plastic bags when finished, and the products are not removed from the bags prior to shipping. This means that the product has not been touched for more than the three (or so) days it takes to arrive, and often has not been touched for weeks. 

Recommended: cut open the package and gently shake the product(s) out of the packaging onto a clean surface. Discard the packaging and sanitize/wash your hands. For further safety, you may wish to set the product, in its plastic bag, on a windowsill, as the UV light will offer more protection against Covid. All products may be gently washed with soap and water, as well.